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Philips Go Gear Press Launch


Philips unveiled its latest line of Go Gear MP3 players to the distinguished members of the press last May 27, 2009 at Mag:Net High Street


Philips is this year challenging music lovers to let their ears decide with the release of new portable music players under the GoGear brand. The new line comprises several fully-featured portable multimedia devices specified to meet the demands of discerning listeners


The higher end GoGear players feature TrueSound, a new digital decoding technology that restores sonic details that are lost when audio clips are compressed to mp3 format. Philips is confident that TrueSound can match up with, and even surpass, the sound quality offered by competing brands.


Philips Go Gear Ambassador proudly displays her Luxe

Philips representatives expressed excitement about how the new GoGear devices would be received by consumers. “We’ve conducted intensive research about what exactly people look for in an mp3/mp4 player. We wanted to design something that truly delivers on the basic promise of a portable music device, and that is top notch sound quality. The new GoGear players are the result of all our hard work. ”, said Vidyut Kaul, Consumer Marketing Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle  


Vidyut Kaul gives the press a preview of what Go Gear is all about

Iconic rock legends Cooky Chua and Mike Villegas captivated the members of the press with their awesome renditions of High and Dry and Come Together. Cooky represented the trio of rock icons, including Francis Reyes and Raimund Marasigan, who will be the featured mentors for Bandwidth Virtual Battle of the Bands, an online competition for unsigned rock bands. Participants will be required to upload performance videos of original songs which will be judged by the distinguished mentors and judges


Cooky and Mike show them how it's done

Since being introduced in 2005, the Philips GoGear brand has established itself as a strong player in the mobile music player industry, coming in a strong second to the Apple iPod in terms of market share.


Members of the press try out Go Gear's True Sound

“We’ve made great strides in the past few years in terms of the features and design of GoGear, and this reflects in our strong performance in the market. While we might have been held back in the past by a lack of public awareness about GoGear, this year we are going all out with new promotions and activities that will let people know about these great devices. We want to reach the people who truly care about of the music and how they enjoy it,” said Kaul.

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