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Bandwidth: Virtual Battle of the Bands Competition is open to all amateur , unsigned bands who want take full advantage of new digital multimedia technology in sharing their music with the rest of the music community. Click on the Virtual Battle of the Bands tab to know more about the competition In the meantime….Let Your Ears Decide

Bandwidth Entries #5 - #8

Here are entries #5 - #8 for the Bandwidth Virtual Battle of the Bands. Please visit this blog regularly for daily updates on the entries and the latest gig and artist features. Keep those entries coming!!!


Original Song: Estupidyante

Cover Song: Paramore's My Heart


Original Song: Marupok

Cover Song: The Wuds' At Nakalimutan ang Diyos


Original Song: Play Pause


Original Song: Circle

Cover Song: Paramore's Crush Crush Crush

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First Four Entries for Bandwidth

Presenting the first four entries for the Bandwidth Battle of the Bands. Please feel free to leave your comments and show your support for the bands. Watch out for the posting of more entries! And it's not too late yet to join the competition. Just click on the Battle of the Bands button on the right and leave your contact details and youtube link in the comments section. If you don't have videos yet, you can invite us to your practice session or one of your gigs and we'll take the videos for you. Just contact 09209026542 for further details


Original Song: Disguise

Cover song: RATM's Killing in the Name


Original Songs

Cover Song: Sampaguita's Ang Buhay Ko


Original Song: Otherside

Cover Song: Dishwalla's Counting Blue Cars


Original Song: Our Last Chance

Cover Song: Urbandub's The Fight Is Over

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Fete dela Musique 2009

Fete dela Musique is probably the biggest one day music festival in the Philippines that features a wide array of genres to choose from. From it's humble beginnings in Tomas Morato to different venues like Eastwood, Malate and Mall of Asia, hordes of people brave the rains, the crowds and even the threat of communicable diseases, just to be able to catch their favorite artists and discover new talents that they will soon follow around. The people who come to Fete are also as varied as the bands that perform; sosyal girls out to prove they can also rock, die hard band groupies, punkelitos who dress in black like there's no tomorrow, discerning music afficionados who walk out of a venue if the performer is crappy, ordinary people who just like listening to live music

This year's Fete promised to be another feast for the local music followers, and the line-up was full of established bands, eager new artists and upcoming bands that will soon be household names. While we were only able to catch two stages, the pop/alternative and new wave/goth/electronica stages, we still went home happy and musically satisfied

Some notable standouts for us:

Mike's Apartment - Pinoy Soul lives! I've heard about them for some time now but it's the first time I've heard them live, and for a three instrument, one vocalist band, their sound is truly amazing. Just don't make the mistake of googling the band name, and you will end up with a NSFW (not safe for work) website, which was the inspiration for their name. To learn more about their music, just click on their name above

Gasulina - A truly surprising and thoroughly worth it discovery! Coming all the way from Cagayan de Oro, they are out to prove that Manila doesn't have the monopoly when it comes to amazing musical talent. Their blend of rock, funk and dance had the Metro Phi bar crowd screaming for more. Their website says that "They come to promote education. For a better world, peace, love, justice and unity for the nation" so they are a band with a mission

Turbo Goth - I am not the biggest fan of electronica, but hearing this duo's music has gotten me interested, and along with Techy Romantics, might probably convert me to the local electronica scene

Taken By Cars - 80% of the people in the bar were waiting for their set, and as always, it was worth the wait. If you haven't listened to them yet, I suggest you catch up because pretty soon you'll be the only one who hasn't heard of them

Check out our video of our favorite artists from Fete dela Musique 2009: Danita Paner, Mike's Apartment, Enemies of Saturn, Scarlet Tears, Gasulina, Turbo Goth, Taken By Cars. Looking forward to next year!

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Techy Romantics and Cooky Chua at the Go Gear Launch

Techy Romantics is one of the bands you SHOULD be listening to, like right now! Even though their album is still to come out (soon! soon! soon!), the hype is slowly rising. And fortunately for us, we were able to get them last June 6, 2009 at the Philips GoGear launch. Check out their myspace here, add them on Facebook, then check out their performance below

These songs have LSS written all over them

Cooky Chua is inarguably the queen of Pinoy rock. Her voice hasn't changed a bit and dare I say it, has gotten better and better as years go by. And of course, Mike Villegas is a guitar god! Check it out in the videos below

Covering Blood Sweat and Tears...

Come Together has never sounded so sexy....

Mo Twister and Grace Lee beg Cooky and Mike to sing the national anthem of farewell songs "Paglisan"
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Light It Up with Bands that Inspire

The website says its “Light it Up: Christian Musicians Night” last Thursday at the Conspiracy Bar along Visayas Avenue. And automatically, it conjured up an ambiance of a prayer meeting with praise songs by clean-cut bands with their hands up in the air glorifying their faith. Not our idea of spending a night to de-stress ourselves.

But as we discovered, it was a parteeeeee!!!!

Iking Tan and his inspiring music

A form of indie music finds a niche among a crowd of fun-loving, party-going, gig-hopping young set who enjoys positive message without losing the rhythm and beat that rock bands are known for.

“It’s gospel music actually. We like to feature indie bands who sing more positive songs. Songs that inspire. Songs that bring hope to the people”, said Jordan Escusa, organizer of this regular event. “We have been doing this 2001 in several bars until two years ago we decided to have it here at Conspiracy.”


So why is he doing this?

“I don’t know. Maybe I am crazy?” He smiled. “We don’t earn anything from organizing this event, oftentimes we have to shell out from our own pockets. But we feel it is important to provide this kind of music to the world today, and it is our way of supporting bands that choose to play gospel music.”

Julianne and some guests

Indeed, Conspiracy, a music bar and restaurant owned by musical luminaries such as Noel Cabangon, Bayang Barrios and Cynthia Alexander, has a different feel to it – fun, artsy but clean. The crowd is friendly, as warm as the music that the bands dished out.

Light It Up happens every second to the last Thursday of the month. For schedule, please visit

*Photo courtesy of Ida Torres
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Videos from Philips GoGear Launch

Watch out for more videos from the launch

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Last Saturday was a blast! Though it was raining hard, that didn’t keep the crowds from the launching of Philips Go Gear at Bonifacio High Street. It turned out to be one heck of an event! As soon as we opened our doors for the booths, people flocked at the registration area to get a chance to win cool Philips prizes for the raffle and to experience what it is that Philips Go Gear is bragging about.

We invited bloggers to be part of the event, and out of 40 invites I sent out, 31 came which was great! I finally got a chance to meet the online community which for me is a very important part of the event with the upcoming virtual battle of the bands and besides, BLOGGERS WILL RULE THE EARTH.

We started the program at around 3pm with DJ Suzie of Magic 89.9 as the host. I found her to be real nice, a cool gal. I asked her if I have what it takes to become a DJ and showed off my callcenter-ish, English saying “how may I help you?...Yah…Ah hah…” She just laughed… The sad part was, I wasn’t joking!

(Dj Suzie of Magic 89.9 Photos by: Luke Almond)

The launch was a whole day affair, and the first part of the program was the raffling off of minor Philips prizes and games. Some of the bloggers were cool enough to join in the fun. It was great to watch the bloggers get their groove on, priceless!

(Photo by: Luke Almond)

The dance group “Unschooled”, who started off the main program, brought the house down with their cool as ice dance moves. But it was a group of ladies armed with banners and sashes with “Bachelorette Party” written who stole the show, asking every guy inside to kiss the bride to be. I was one of the lucky the guy who congratulated the bride and then gave her a smack on the cheek.

(Unschooled Dance group Photos by: Luke Almond)

I was put in-charge to look after the bloggers area so at around 6pm, I went back to Seattle’s Best (thanks to the wonderful staff who allowed us to take over their coffee shop for that day) to see if some of the bloggers needed anything. 3 or more bloggers asked for drinks and on top of that, 4 more bloggers came in so I had to introduce myself and offered them refreshments. It was chaotic and by the time I got the drinks, I forgot who ordered what so I just took the tray filled with cold coffee treats and started giving them their drinks. So if Seattle’s Best would ever need a barista, I think I have enough experience already

After awhile, Arlene the Account Executive of Magic 89.9 tapped me on the back and told me that I just took Mo twisters’ Coffee brownie something drink and gave it to someone else! It was one of those moments where I wish a car would hit right then and there. I apologized to both Arlene and Mo twister and ordered another tall coffee brownie something drink, with no cream and personally delivered it to Mo, who just laughed it off. Mo is a great guy, he didn’t B!@$ slapped me or anything.

Later that night, Mo twister joined Grace Lee as they took the stage to host the event. They introduced the consumer lifestyle manager of Philips, Vidyut Kaul, who talked about the exciting new line of Go Gear and the benefit this gives users: superior sound quality. Also guesting on stage was one of the mentors of Bandwidth Virtual Battle of the Bands, NU107’s Francis Reyes, to invite amateur bands to join the competition

The highlight of the event was when the bands started playing! Techy Romantics opened the show singing 3 of their original songs. I just love the sound of their music…I can’t believe they have no album yet! After their set, I scrambled for a piece of bond paper and a ballpen and asked for their autographs. That’s one of the best things about being an organizer of an event, you get to rub elbows with the bands.

Cooky Chua then took center stage with Mike Villegas on the guitar and delivered a performance that rocked the house! It was raining outside but in the concert area, it was totally hot! Cooky Chua is so pretty in person and you get that uhmm…natural high hearing and watching her perform with local guitar god Mike Villegas.

The last band to perform was TAKEN BY CARS, one of the HOTTEST bands in the country right now. The first time I saw them perform live was during the anniversary of Saguijo (where Philips was a sponsor) and they totally blew my mind! I love, love, love, love them! I love them so much, I even asked my officemate to loan me money so I can buy their CD so I can ask for an autograph-I’m such a groupie! It’s so cool how these bands are so accommodating and they didn’t think that I was a freak (I least not on m face).

After the last set, they announced the winner of the last raffle which was a brand spankin’ new 32inch LCD plasma TV. Too bad I wasn’t eligible to participate in any contest!

The event ended with me wanting more, but that’s alright, there’s still the Philips Bandwidth Battle of the Bands to Catch. Cheers guys! Read more!

Raimund Invites Amateur Bands to Join

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And the rest of your post here (to cut post)
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Philips interview at Good Times Magic 89.9


Philips executives Vidyut Kaul and Vic Caindec being interviewed by Mo Twister, Mojo Jojo and Grace Lee during the Good Times show at Magic 89.9, June 4, 2009 (audio with pictures of Go Gear products) Read more!

Mag:Net 2nd Anniversary Night 2 Photos

Salamin gives the crowd their own brand of rock

Faspitch never ran out of energy and passion during their entire set

Greyhoundz proves why they're the hardest rocking band in the industry

Always a crowd favorite, Taken By Cars had everyone up and dancing

Go Gear Winners all in a row

Congratulations to all the winners of spanking new Philips Go Gear MP3 players for Mag:Net's 2nd Anniversary

Ruby Ann Bondoc
Nep-C Ledesma
Trevor Bicknell
Andy Maligalig
Via Arban
OJ Anonas
Carlo Kasala
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Go Gear Launch


Join us as Philips Go Gear unveils its newest line-up of music and video players

Try the Let Your Ears Decide challenge

Experience the Full Sound technology that only Philips can offer

With performances by
Techy Romantics
Taken By Cars
and more surprise guests

June 6, 2009
Bonifacio High Street

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Philips Go Gear Press Launch


Philips unveiled its latest line of Go Gear MP3 players to the distinguished members of the press last May 27, 2009 at Mag:Net High Street


Philips is this year challenging music lovers to let their ears decide with the release of new portable music players under the GoGear brand. The new line comprises several fully-featured portable multimedia devices specified to meet the demands of discerning listeners


The higher end GoGear players feature TrueSound, a new digital decoding technology that restores sonic details that are lost when audio clips are compressed to mp3 format. Philips is confident that TrueSound can match up with, and even surpass, the sound quality offered by competing brands.


Philips Go Gear Ambassador proudly displays her Luxe

Philips representatives expressed excitement about how the new GoGear devices would be received by consumers. “We’ve conducted intensive research about what exactly people look for in an mp3/mp4 player. We wanted to design something that truly delivers on the basic promise of a portable music device, and that is top notch sound quality. The new GoGear players are the result of all our hard work. ”, said Vidyut Kaul, Consumer Marketing Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle  


Vidyut Kaul gives the press a preview of what Go Gear is all about

Iconic rock legends Cooky Chua and Mike Villegas captivated the members of the press with their awesome renditions of High and Dry and Come Together. Cooky represented the trio of rock icons, including Francis Reyes and Raimund Marasigan, who will be the featured mentors for Bandwidth Virtual Battle of the Bands, an online competition for unsigned rock bands. Participants will be required to upload performance videos of original songs which will be judged by the distinguished mentors and judges


Cooky and Mike show them how it's done

Since being introduced in 2005, the Philips GoGear brand has established itself as a strong player in the mobile music player industry, coming in a strong second to the Apple iPod in terms of market share.


Members of the press try out Go Gear's True Sound

“We’ve made great strides in the past few years in terms of the features and design of GoGear, and this reflects in our strong performance in the market. While we might have been held back in the past by a lack of public awareness about GoGear, this year we are going all out with new promotions and activities that will let people know about these great devices. We want to reach the people who truly care about of the music and how they enjoy it,” said Kaul.

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Saguijo's 5th Year Anniversary


All roads lead to Guijo Street this coming May 29 and 30, as Saguijo turns 5

May 29
Radioactive Sago Project, Swissy, Us-2-Evil-0, The Ronnie's, Musical O, Valley Of Chrome. Faspitch, Salamin, Peryodiko, Spongecola, Hansom, Join the Club, Pedicab, and Greyhoundz

May 30
Up Dharma Down, Paramita, Sleepwalk Circus, Razorback, Taken By Cars, Techy Romantics, Angulo, Out Of Body Special, Drip, The Dorques, Camerawalls, Imago, and Good Morning High Fives

See you there!!!

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Mag:Net Anniversary Part 1


Mag:net High Street, one of the popular rock clubs in Metro Manila, recently celebrated its second birthday with a special night that featured sets from some of best bands in Filipino rock today.

Opening the gig was a typically blazing set from Pedicab. The dance-punk group’s usual musical histrionics were in full effect, rousing the Friday night crowd with a spirited run through the band’s best tunes, including a particularly satisfying performance of “Simulan Mo Na.” Noticeably absent was keyboardist Raimund Marasigan, who was said to be somewhere in the States at the time.

Pedicab opens Mag:Net's 2nd Anniversary

Following Pedicab was a fantastic set by forward-thinking shoegazepoprockers Sleepwalk Circus, who, with a string of consistently fine performances over the past several months, have built great expectations for their upcoming album (reportedly on Terno Records). The band seems to improve with every performance. As Fran and Peavey, the band’s two guitarists, walked off the stage, leaving behind a tapestry of winding loops for bassist Mica and drummer Mike to play with, it felt like a band that had truly and finally arrived. Could Sleepwalk Circus be the next Up Dharma Down?

Complete with rope lights and LED candles, Sleepwalk Circus captivated the crows

Whether Up Dharma Down would surrender their current mantle as Filipino indie rock flag bearers can only be answered by Up Dharma Down themselves however, and judging by the band’s solid set that night, they’re not stepping down anytime soon.

Armi and the rest of Up Dharma Down made Bipolars cool

Adding to the night’s eclectic mix was post-hardcore group Chicosci, who brought in tow a bevy of devoted fans who gathered in the cramped space in front of the stage as the band set up. In the tradition of the best hardcore acts, Chicosci’s performs as if on a tight wire, always tending toward the off-kilter and dangerous, forsaking “tightness” for a dose of refreshing punk rock urgency. The band opened with a very tongue-in-cheek cover of Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” before segueing into “Paris”, which remains as potent today as when it was first released seven years ago.

Chicosci brings their own kind of emo-rock

The set that went down as the undisputed favorite of the crowd however was Spongecola’s, with the band throwing all kinds of surprises left and right. The night after all also served as the premiere of the new Quark Henares-directed video for “Ayt!”, Spongecola’s new single with pop icon Gary Valenciano.

The set began with a solid run through some of Spongecola’s most popular singles, including the still-compelling “Lunes.” The band then switched things up bringing on stage Pupil’s Yan Yuzon (brother of Spongecola singer Yael) to help out on guitars, as well as DJ Dubious, who floored the crowd with a beatbox routine that included a cheeky and absolutely note-perfect cover of Benny Bennasi’s ubiquitous “Satisfaction.” Yael then tried his hand at beatboxing (with less spectacular results), but certainly the biggest surprise was when Gary V himself took the stage for a live take on “Ayt!” and an impromptu performance of “Sana Maulit Muli.”

Gary V, Yael and the rest of Spongecola make beautiful music together

Leading consumer tech company Philips was on hand to sweeten the night, giving away a bunch of brand new GoGear mp3 players to lucky partygoers. Anticipation has been building for the brand’s upcoming Virtual Battle of the Bands as well, which is expected to take off in the coming weeks. Some of the most prominent names in local rock- including Francis Reyes, Cookie Chua, and Raimund Marasigan- are set to take part in the contest as special judges and mentors.

2 of the nights 3 winners of Philips Go Gear

All in all, it was a memorable night, a fitting way to mark the birthday of one of the most beloved rock clubs in Metro Manila today.

To be continued.....

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Magnet High Street 2nd Anniversary

See you there!!!

May 22 (Friday)

-Spongecola featuring Gary V.
-Sleepwalk Circus
- Archipelago
-Us-2 Evil-0

May 23 (Saturday)

-Musical O
-Out of Body Special
-Taken By Cars
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The New Filipino Rock

The last couple of years have been an incredible time for Filipino rock music. While the creativity and the passion for music has always been there, recent years have seen a bumper crop of interesting, new, on-the-circuit bands, many of whom are doing some very cool things. Spurred on by new technology like mp3 players, music blogs, file sharing, You Tube, free recording software, and social networks that makes the creation, discovery and sharing of music much easier, new bands have been coming up so quickly that following the gig circuit today becomes a bewildering exercise.

Contributing to this renaissance is the strange but welcome return of Filipino rock to the country’s musical main stage. Somehow, band music (i.e. music made by bands) has risen in cultural currency. Seeing, listening to, and being in bands has become “a thing”, both in a good way and in a bad way. Media channels previously dedicated to more immediately commercial middle-of-the-road fare have reformatted, and now freely play records that aren’t even available in stores (another effect of the digitization of new music).

But the important this is that, with a much broader base of support today than a few years ago, and with easy access to an incredible range of musical influences and techniques, young bands have unprecedented leeway in producing new ideas in music, and have that music reach a good audience.

These days, unsigned bands with self-released albums and EPs can have an actual chance to have a hit record on the radio, to have a video on rotation on mainstream TV, and to have a solid gig following. It is not uncommon for a resolutely indie band to be mentioned in a national broadsheet or to appear in the culture section of a completely non-musical nationally-circulated magazine.

A new wave of immensely talented young acts such as Sleepwalk Circus, Ang Bandang Shirley, Turbogoth, Musical O, and Twin Lobster play to packed crowds in Metro Manila’s best rock clubs. Bands like Sandwich and Pedicab play to a crowd of hipster kids in a hole in the wall bar in Quezon City one night then play in Singapore the next. A band from Leyte makes it big on Metro Manila radio. A kid listens to a song by Sandwich on his Go Gear and is inspired to form a band. It’s all happening now. Read more!