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Back With a Vengeance: the 2nd Philips Bandwidth Mentoring Session

The first mentoring session of the Philips Bandwidth finalists proved to be quite eventful, with the contestants getting valuable advice from the judges on what it takes to be a kick-ass band-- the mentors covered all the bases, discussing topics such as band dynamics, song arrangement, stage presence, and overall look.

Going into the 2nd mentoring session held yesterday at Mag:Net High Street, it was very exciting to see and hear how Acrasia, Capo, Lysosome, Barrio Morning Glory, and Solid Camp Crew would fare, and if they can successfully apply the lessons they learned from the judges-- and as it turns out, the mentors themselves declared that the finalists all stepped up in the 2nd mentoring session and delivered the goods.

The event itself was a high-profile affair, with many people from the media in attendance to cover the event. All the finalists were present, and although Francis Reyes was absent last time, the guitar hero was present the 2nd time around to share his wisdom.

Unfortunately, Raimund Marasigan couldn't make it, but he was ably replaced by Pinoy Rock guru Jing Garcia (who should be familiar to everyone who joined Bandwidth, as he was one of the judges during the preliminary round). Francis and Jing joined rock goddess Cooky Chua in the judges' table.

One by one, the bands performed, with the judges making their comments and observations after each one. Cooky, who was present in both sessions, noted how much the bands improved from last time-- she said that the finalists really listened to the mentors, and applied their lessons on the 2nd mentoring.

While the finalists were noticeably much improved (thanks to the mentors' bulls-eye tips and comments during the first outing), the judges continued to give fine-tuning tips, again emphasizing the merits of band dynamics, volume control, song arrangment, stage presence, soundchecking, and yes-- wardrobe (the mentors gave kudos to the musicians who dressed up in true rock star fashion).

Francis and Jing, who were seeing the bands live for the first time, were mightily impressed. In fact, Francis went on record to say that the Philips Bandwidth Battle of the Bands was the best band competition he ever judged, and his fellow mentors were quick to agree-- they are very happy to say that the talent that our young finalists have shown is clear proof that the future of the music scene is brighter than ever.

Congratulations to our five finalists; you guys passed Raimund, Francis, Cooky, and Jing's School of Rock with flying colors, and all of us are very much looking forward to seeing you perform at the finals night!

Pics and videos of the 2nd mentoring session coming soon! Read more!

more pics!

The boys from Lysosome pose with their idols:

The Solid Camp Crew siblings get wacky:

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More pics from the mentoring session!

Due to the pics' file size, we can only upload a couple at a time for each post. Don't worry, we'll be adding more pics in succeeding posts! (oh, and we've got videos too)

(click on the pics for the hi-res version)

The boys from Lysosome rock out:

Capo serves their own brand of jazzy funk-rock:

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Pics from the 1st mentoring session!

For those of you wishing to have been at Route 196 to witness the 1st mentoring session, we can tell you with absolute certainty that everyone-- most especially the bands and the judges-- had a blast! And we've got pics to prove it.

(click on the pics for the hi-res version)

Here's Capo with the mentors:

Acrasia and the mentors strike up a rockstar pose:

More pics on the next post! Read more!

School is now in session.

Earlier today, we wrapped up the first mentoring session of the Philips Bandwidth finalists. It was just like the first day of school: the bands came prepared and eager to learn, while the judges were ready to teach and share their rock n' roll wisdom.

True to the school-of-rock spirit, some were absent from class-- mentor/guitar hero Francis Reyes unfortunately could not make it, as he was still in Toronto attending a film festival, while one of the finalists (south-based Barrio Morning Glory) were unable to attend because one of their members fell sick.

Still, the first mentoring session proved to be very worthwhile for both the finalists and the judges. Our mentors were able to see just how well the finalists can perform in a live setting, while the finalists were able to show what they are made of-- and they are made of tough stuff indeed!

Performing in front of Raimund Marasigan and Cooky Chua is no easy task-- after all, they are two of the most respected icons in Pinoy Rock, so the finalists knew that even though the mentoring session had no bearing in their final scores, they still had to put on a kick-ass show. And all in all, we can say that all the bands performed pretty darn well-- hey, we told you these bands were good.

Each of the bands played a short set of two songs. After their sets, each band sat with the judges to hear their comments and opinions.

Raimund and Cooky played close attention to the bands, and all aspects of their performances-- their comments covered all aspects of being in a band, from song arrnagements, sound mixing, stage presence, even their wardrobe!

Needless to say, Raimund and Cooky left no stone unturned in ensuring that the finalists came out of the mentoring sessions as better musicians. You can bet that all five finalists will come to the Bandwidth Finals Night better than ever, and raring to put on the greatest show of their lives.

In the next posts, we will reveal some of the tips we picked up from our judges-- secrets of the pros that are a must-learn for all musicians. Stay tuned! Read more!

School of Rock.

While our 5 finalists are no doubt still giddy from being chosen to compete in the Philips Bandwidth Finals, they are in for the ride of their lives tomorrow, as the first round of mentoring with Raimund Marasigan, Cooky Chua, and Francis Reyes begins!

They will perform in front of our esteemed judges, and learn first-hand lessons from three of Pinoy Rock's most important icons. Going to school has never been more fun!

Although this is a closed door session (sorry folks, only the finalists and judges are allowed in), expect the 5 bands to come out of the mentoring sessions with guns blazin' as they head to the finals-- expect them to be playing better than ever.

Support our 5 finalists-- they are gonna rock like they've never rocked before. Stay tuned for more updates! Read more!

The Judges Have Spoken.

And so have you... but the wait is now over. Announcing our 5 Finalists (in random order):

Barrio Morning Glory

Congratulations guys! It's been one tough competition, but expect it to get even tougher. All these guys are good, so expect the Philips Bandwidth Finals to be one for the ages.

Tell your fans, tell your friends: the Finals is upon us.

Spread the music, spread the word! Read more!

It's Gonna Be Worth the Wait.

Guys, hold on to your seats... we're gonna be hearing from our judges real soon, so stay tuned!

Who do you think are the finalists going to be? Read more!

Breaking the Language Barrier.

While you guys are squirming in your seats waiting for the results of the competition, here’s something that might keep your mind off the anxiety.

First one to guess the language gets a high five! Read more!

2 Rock gods + 1 Rock goddess = 3 kick-ass mentors.

Who else am I talking about? While you semifinalists are agonizing over who the finalists are going to be, our three judges are busy going through your entries one by one—and hey, that’s not an easy task, even for bona fide virtuosos like Raimund Marasigan, Francis Reyes, and Cooky Chua.

So let’s put the spotlight on our judges for a bit—though I’m sure you’re already aware of how awesome they are (if not, shame on you).

Here’s Cooky Chua, performing one her most popular songs, “Paglisan”, a song she first made famous with Color it Red. That voice is simply amazing. Takes you back in time to the 90’s, doesn’t it?

Speaking of 90’s Pinoy rock, this band pretty much defined the era. Cased closed. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you ought to really be ashamed. Should I even ask who the drummer is?

This guy can be simply described in two words: Guitar Hero. Pretty much any serious Pinoy musician knows how good Kiko is. To those who don’t, watch and be blown away—here’s Francis with his old band the Dawn.

Stay tuned for more vids! Read more!

Post your World Tour here.

While the semifinalists are waiting for the announcement of the top 5 bands and the date of the finals, what do you think are they going to do in the meantime? Play gigs of course!

Semifinalists, feel free to plug your shows—post away! (If any other bands out there want to promote their gigs, go right ahead—just don’t spam us please).

Keep on playing and keep on rocking, the Bandwidth finals will be here before you know it!
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