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Last Saturday was a blast! Though it was raining hard, that didn’t keep the crowds from the launching of Philips Go Gear at Bonifacio High Street. It turned out to be one heck of an event! As soon as we opened our doors for the booths, people flocked at the registration area to get a chance to win cool Philips prizes for the raffle and to experience what it is that Philips Go Gear is bragging about.

We invited bloggers to be part of the event, and out of 40 invites I sent out, 31 came which was great! I finally got a chance to meet the online community which for me is a very important part of the event with the upcoming virtual battle of the bands and besides, BLOGGERS WILL RULE THE EARTH.

We started the program at around 3pm with DJ Suzie of Magic 89.9 as the host. I found her to be real nice, a cool gal. I asked her if I have what it takes to become a DJ and showed off my callcenter-ish, English saying “how may I help you?...Yah…Ah hah…” She just laughed… The sad part was, I wasn’t joking!

(Dj Suzie of Magic 89.9 Photos by: Luke Almond)

The launch was a whole day affair, and the first part of the program was the raffling off of minor Philips prizes and games. Some of the bloggers were cool enough to join in the fun. It was great to watch the bloggers get their groove on, priceless!

(Photo by: Luke Almond)

The dance group “Unschooled”, who started off the main program, brought the house down with their cool as ice dance moves. But it was a group of ladies armed with banners and sashes with “Bachelorette Party” written who stole the show, asking every guy inside to kiss the bride to be. I was one of the lucky the guy who congratulated the bride and then gave her a smack on the cheek.

(Unschooled Dance group Photos by: Luke Almond)

I was put in-charge to look after the bloggers area so at around 6pm, I went back to Seattle’s Best (thanks to the wonderful staff who allowed us to take over their coffee shop for that day) to see if some of the bloggers needed anything. 3 or more bloggers asked for drinks and on top of that, 4 more bloggers came in so I had to introduce myself and offered them refreshments. It was chaotic and by the time I got the drinks, I forgot who ordered what so I just took the tray filled with cold coffee treats and started giving them their drinks. So if Seattle’s Best would ever need a barista, I think I have enough experience already

After awhile, Arlene the Account Executive of Magic 89.9 tapped me on the back and told me that I just took Mo twisters’ Coffee brownie something drink and gave it to someone else! It was one of those moments where I wish a car would hit right then and there. I apologized to both Arlene and Mo twister and ordered another tall coffee brownie something drink, with no cream and personally delivered it to Mo, who just laughed it off. Mo is a great guy, he didn’t B!@$ slapped me or anything.

Later that night, Mo twister joined Grace Lee as they took the stage to host the event. They introduced the consumer lifestyle manager of Philips, Vidyut Kaul, who talked about the exciting new line of Go Gear and the benefit this gives users: superior sound quality. Also guesting on stage was one of the mentors of Bandwidth Virtual Battle of the Bands, NU107’s Francis Reyes, to invite amateur bands to join the competition

The highlight of the event was when the bands started playing! Techy Romantics opened the show singing 3 of their original songs. I just love the sound of their music…I can’t believe they have no album yet! After their set, I scrambled for a piece of bond paper and a ballpen and asked for their autographs. That’s one of the best things about being an organizer of an event, you get to rub elbows with the bands.

Cooky Chua then took center stage with Mike Villegas on the guitar and delivered a performance that rocked the house! It was raining outside but in the concert area, it was totally hot! Cooky Chua is so pretty in person and you get that uhmm…natural high hearing and watching her perform with local guitar god Mike Villegas.

The last band to perform was TAKEN BY CARS, one of the HOTTEST bands in the country right now. The first time I saw them perform live was during the anniversary of Saguijo (where Philips was a sponsor) and they totally blew my mind! I love, love, love, love them! I love them so much, I even asked my officemate to loan me money so I can buy their CD so I can ask for an autograph-I’m such a groupie! It’s so cool how these bands are so accommodating and they didn’t think that I was a freak (I least not on m face).

After the last set, they announced the winner of the last raffle which was a brand spankin’ new 32inch LCD plasma TV. Too bad I wasn’t eligible to participate in any contest!

The event ended with me wanting more, but that’s alright, there’s still the Philips Bandwidth Battle of the Bands to Catch. Cheers guys!


aeirin Says :
10 June 2009 at 16:50

I really had fun. First time ko sumali sa stop dance na pag walang music dun ka sasayaw. =) Congratulations for pulling off such a successful event. And it was nice meeting you. =)

leira Says :
10 June 2009 at 17:22

was really nice to meet you... talagang puedeng puede nang barista.. props to you for that great event~!!!

Anonymous Says :
10 June 2009 at 18:09

Techy Romantics...the best band ever!

lotuspixel Says :
10 June 2009 at 19:00

I loved Techy Romantics!! they are awesome. I had a fun time too! Great Job at the event.

and quoting what you said.."Bloggers will rule the Earth!" OH YE!! ^_^

earthlingorgeous Says :
10 June 2009 at 20:21

Thanks for inviting us I had a great time! Nice to meet you too! I love Techy Romantics they are awesome!

Oh Earth already blogs so she rules already! Ahahahaha! :)

Ed Says :
10 June 2009 at 20:30

The event was really a blast. Im now an instant fan of Techy Romantics and Unschooled, and also of the Go Gears. :p

Anonymous Says :
2 July 2009 at 13:48

Hey... Thanks for the overwhelming reception! I am Dondi of Techy Romantics... you can check out either or (facebook page) We are very happy that you guys love our music! Its been awesome! Hope you can catch our gigs! :) Thanks again!

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