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Bandwidth Initial Screening Judges

The competition is fierce! Going through 50 bands and 100 songs is no mean feat, that is why our judges are still taking their time to go through all of the deserving entries. While we're waiting, let's take the time to get to know the 3 Judges who are doing the initial screening

JING GARCIA - musician, columnist - Manila Times

Sound artist and award-winning music producer. Jing Garcia, founded the Children of Cathode Ray back in 1989, one of the early experimental and sound art groups in the Philippines. He was then joined by now-established video artist Tad Ermitano, computer 3D animator Blums Borres, cinematographer Regiben Romana, graphic artist Magyar Tuazon, and professional photographer Peter Marquez. With autoceremony, Garcia continues to create audio hardware-based and computer-generated soundscapes and ambient noise through analog and digital audio synthesis manipulation. He also produced several award-winning music recording albums for different alternative music artists in the 90s, including that of Color It Red, KeltsCross, Siakol and the Numeric Sampler series. Recently, he co-wrote and published “Tikman ang Langit”: a bestselling book on popular Filipino pop rock band, the Eraserheads. He is currently the tech editor for The Manila Times and Speed Magazine. He also hosts a tech segment on TV5.

EDWIN SALLAN - columnist - Manila Bulletin

Edwin P. Sallan was only 19 when his first record review was published
by Jingle Chordbook Magazine in 1983. A Contributing Editor for the
seminal music rag for three years thereafter, he went on a five-year
hiatus before returning as a music columnist for the Manila Chronicle
in 1992. Since then, Edwin has written articles on his other interests
including comic books, videogames and information technology. He still
writes about music for the Manila Bulletin and is one of the authors of Tikman
Ang Langit: An Anthology On the Eraserheads, a popular Filipino rock band.

JEFFREY CHRISTOPHER CORTEZ - Regional Call Center Manager, Philips

Of course our panel wouldn't be complete without a representative from the company that made all this possible, Philips! Jeff plays percussions with bands like La CucaRasta, a reggae band, front acted for the MTV Reggae Fest
with Ziggy Marley at Hotel Sofitel, Mystical Machine Guns and Evil Kenievel Band

Watch our for the announcement of the TOP 20 SEMI-FINALISTS later this week!

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