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Bandwidth: Virtual Battle of the Bands Competition is open to all amateur , unsigned bands who want take full advantage of new digital multimedia technology in sharing their music with the rest of the music community. Click on the Virtual Battle of the Bands tab to know more about the competition In the meantime….Let Your Ears Decide

Spread the Word: Bandwidth Finals Reschedule

The competition is heating up! As the Philips Bandwidth: Virtual Battle of the Bands heads for what promises to be an epic battle between the top 5 bands, it is clear that our 20 semifinalists mean business—with such a big pool of young talent to choose from, our esteemed judges have quite a lot of close watching (and listening) to do. What can we say, you semifinalists are good.

With that in mind, we have to keep you guys on the edge of your seats a bit longer... the date of the finals has been moved, so stay tuned for further announcements within the next few days. Plus, we’re revving up a rockin’ new look for the blog in time for the finals. Watch out for it.

Spread the music, spread the word!

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