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Bandwidth: Virtual Battle of the Bands Competition is open to all amateur , unsigned bands who want take full advantage of new digital multimedia technology in sharing their music with the rest of the music community. Click on the Virtual Battle of the Bands tab to know more about the competition In the meantime….Let Your Ears Decide


Due to unfortunate spamming incidents, we will be stopping and nullifying the online blogspot poll in order to be fair to all the bands.

Instead, we'll be moving the online voting to Facebook!
So please visit the Philips Go Gear Facebook Account, where we've posted the band profiles in our notes, and please post a comment on the profile of the band that you like the most.

We'll be extending the voting to August 28, so you have one more week to choose your favorite band!

But please remember that the online voting component is just 20% of the criteria. The other 80% will be decided by our three mentors: Raimund Marasigan, Cooky Chua and Francis Reyes

May the best band win!!!


Acrasia Says :
21 August 2009 at 07:53

thanks a lot! its fine with us to be honest.. we are just smiling on that..hmmm may we suggest po n exclude na sa criteria ang online voting? kung pwede lang po..? everything is easy over the net. salamat.. :)

Anonymous Says :
21 August 2009 at 07:59

actually.... i agree with Acrasia... anyway.., i trust the decision of the judges. Cheers to all...

Acrasia Says :
21 August 2009 at 08:07

thanks anonymous.. i go ol immediately upon receiving the text msg from this site. hmmm muntik na nmin i comment how to do the spamming hahaha npipikon n sna kmi eh. halos lahat kmi computer ppl.. aside from being musicians.. :) peace and love to all!

jasvill Says :
21 August 2009 at 08:32

How are we going to vote at facebook? Please post the instructions. Thank you.

katrina Says :
21 August 2009 at 09:46

pede po ba mag suggest na lng,, bakit hndi na lng kya paglaban labanin ang 20 bands since masyado na complicated ang voting na yan,, para dun na ntin makita kung sino tlga ang deserving na maging CHAMPION,, pra maging fair sa lahat ng bands.. thank you very much and more powers! :)

Anonymous Says :
21 August 2009 at 09:57

i agree... sana po tanggalin na ang voting... malaki po ang 20% eh.... ang mangyayari po kc, paramihan nlng ng friends to eh...the more friends, more votes, kawawa nmn un ibang bands na wala mxadong friends sa facebook.. sana idepend nlng sa judges... more power sa lahat, lahat ng banda d2, magagaling! pinoy music rules!!

Anonymous Says :
21 August 2009 at 09:59

nice katrina...tama po yun..sana ganun na lang...pagharapharapin ang top 20 bands and kumuha ng top 5 then paglabanlabanin ulit yung top 5..para fair sa lahat....

poll watcher Says :
21 August 2009 at 16:36

nice yan. pero you should understand this is a virtual battle and all of them understand what they have joined. tama acrasia, baka pwd exclude online voting. tama din kyo pano yun konti lang ang friends pero umaabot agad sa 1k ang votes hehehe..

chk this out. kayo humusga!! monitoring ko to

visit view the pictures medyo malabo n nga lang

see and found out for yourself!!

tonette Says :
21 August 2009 at 21:01

yah,, uu naiintindihan ko po na this is a virtual battle but ang problem, madami nag rereklamo sa voting.

Take into account that online voting is not limited to a national level. Some bands have relatives and friends abroad supporting them and thusfar boosting their online votes :)

I know a band that is backed up and with full support from their hometown like batangas and laguna..yeah represent!

I still suggest na paglabanin na lng yung 20 bands para maging fiar sa lahat ng bands kasi lahat naman magagaling,, ;)

Philips Bandwidth Says :
21 August 2009 at 21:32

The reason why we included an online voting component is because we want to give a voice also to the fans of the bands. But remember, it is still a talent competition, that's why 80% of the criteria will be decided by the judges. It is a virtual competition, so only the Top 5 bands will be able to perform live. But we will take into consideration all of your suggestions for next year's competition. Thank you for all your comments and suggestions

21 August 2009 at 23:15

if that is the case, then why move to facebook? when most already use friendster or myspace or any other profile page? You would also have to consider those who exerted the extra effort to vote. Encouraged others to vote and referred the site to them. If the tope 5 will be those priviledged to perform, then the polls only show numbers. When it comes to Showtime all will be lvl regardless of the number of poll votes they received.

Sure we all have rants and raves for the online poll, but in the end all that matters is the top 5 who will be performing.

and just a message to those who rant. If u can't take the competition, don't join at all. Simple as that. Show good sportsmanship, instead of complaining exert some effort in supoporting your favorite band! Because there are some who actually LIKE healthy competition.

When they say VIRTUAL competition. VIRTUAL says it all.

Anonymous Says :
21 August 2009 at 23:26

woooo!!!! ayaw nila mag add sa facebook! panu kaya kmi mag vvote?

Anonymous Says :
21 August 2009 at 23:42

delayed lang po yan.

Anonymous Says :
22 August 2009 at 00:01

since this morning...???!?!? gaano ba ka delayed ang PINAS?

augus† [ Halmista ] Says :
22 August 2009 at 05:28

I agree with Bloodseeker.. basta I wish we could play live in this event... I don't aim for the prizes and stuffs they have to offer basta just to have a good time, enjoy the event and unite all filipino bands with their talents.. yeah sure competition ito.. but to hell with that.. we all share a common passion and it's music..we should share ideas and stuff..not to boast them..peace po..nde ako ang hahanap ng away guys ^__^ sa mga makakapasok sa top 5 congrats..dun sa mga hinde..kita kits na lang sa mga productions or events ^^ peace!

rockie Says :
22 August 2009 at 07:07

yan ang sports sa laban,, yan ang tunay na MUSIKERO,, Lahat ng sinabi mo 220! :)

Anonymous Says :
24 August 2009 at 02:54

ilang days nlang wla man lang updates sa facebook or d2 man lang..???? ano mangyayari? papasok ang magic 5 by the choice of the judges and poll watchers??

Anonymous Says :
25 August 2009 at 15:39

yeah... this contetst kisses ass! and doon sa facebook ng philips, may pinopromote clang banda????!! anu un? kaibigan ng may ari ng philips ung banda?? wow, how fair!! sad to say.. magagaling ang mga bangang pinoy... pero , dhil d2 sa contest na to... lumalabas nag pagiging sakim at desperado ng mga ibang tao... hndi namn kayo yayaman dito... God bless nlng lahat... may the BEST band win!!!HNDI UN PINAKAMALAKAS NA CONNECTION!!!

Poll Watcher Says :
28 August 2009 at 16:59

intriguing... i go and check to find out myself. why is halmista in your info-pages?? care to defend & explain? a friend prior to the competition? forgot to remove? you should have spend a minute to remove them just to make it fair & clean even through the eyes of the beholder hehehe

those bands reaching 1000 votes on the 1st voting day.. 3000 to 6000 on succeeding days and those bands who can accumulate 1k+ votes in 5 hrs. where are they now? look at your votes. hehehe

augus† [HALMISTA] Says :
1 September 2009 at 04:26

Watcher Says :
28 August 2009 16:59
"intriguing... i go and check to find out myself. why is halmista in your info-pages?? care to defend & explain? "

Ok..ako nalang mag eexplain because it's a too simple issue na dapat di palakihin. Explaination po kac dahil ang "Halmista" Facebook account po is a Fan Profile (if you're aware of friendster, meron din silang feature n2") and we added Philips' Facebook profile with halmista, so automatically ma fea-feature po kami sa kanilang information page...uhm try nyo mag add ng accounts with the "be a fan" or "add as a fan" feature sa facebook and see it yourself.. sorry po kung na misinterpret nyo un pero sana don't be quick to jump into conclusion agad..sorry pero as far as i'm concern sa inyo na yang competition na yan..all we need is exposure..and we don't give a damn to the prizes of this event..

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