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2 Rock gods + 1 Rock goddess = 3 kick-ass mentors.

Who else am I talking about? While you semifinalists are agonizing over who the finalists are going to be, our three judges are busy going through your entries one by one—and hey, that’s not an easy task, even for bona fide virtuosos like Raimund Marasigan, Francis Reyes, and Cooky Chua.

So let’s put the spotlight on our judges for a bit—though I’m sure you’re already aware of how awesome they are (if not, shame on you).

Here’s Cooky Chua, performing one her most popular songs, “Paglisan”, a song she first made famous with Color it Red. That voice is simply amazing. Takes you back in time to the 90’s, doesn’t it?

Speaking of 90’s Pinoy rock, this band pretty much defined the era. Cased closed. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, you ought to really be ashamed. Should I even ask who the drummer is?

This guy can be simply described in two words: Guitar Hero. Pretty much any serious Pinoy musician knows how good Kiko is. To those who don’t, watch and be blown away—here’s Francis with his old band the Dawn.

Stay tuned for more vids!

1 Response to "2 Rock gods + 1 Rock goddess = 3 kick-ass mentors."

Gitarista Says :
10 September 2009 at 03:09

Galing ni Francis!

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