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School is now in session.

Earlier today, we wrapped up the first mentoring session of the Philips Bandwidth finalists. It was just like the first day of school: the bands came prepared and eager to learn, while the judges were ready to teach and share their rock n' roll wisdom.

True to the school-of-rock spirit, some were absent from class-- mentor/guitar hero Francis Reyes unfortunately could not make it, as he was still in Toronto attending a film festival, while one of the finalists (south-based Barrio Morning Glory) were unable to attend because one of their members fell sick.

Still, the first mentoring session proved to be very worthwhile for both the finalists and the judges. Our mentors were able to see just how well the finalists can perform in a live setting, while the finalists were able to show what they are made of-- and they are made of tough stuff indeed!

Performing in front of Raimund Marasigan and Cooky Chua is no easy task-- after all, they are two of the most respected icons in Pinoy Rock, so the finalists knew that even though the mentoring session had no bearing in their final scores, they still had to put on a kick-ass show. And all in all, we can say that all the bands performed pretty darn well-- hey, we told you these bands were good.

Each of the bands played a short set of two songs. After their sets, each band sat with the judges to hear their comments and opinions.

Raimund and Cooky played close attention to the bands, and all aspects of their performances-- their comments covered all aspects of being in a band, from song arrnagements, sound mixing, stage presence, even their wardrobe!

Needless to say, Raimund and Cooky left no stone unturned in ensuring that the finalists came out of the mentoring sessions as better musicians. You can bet that all five finalists will come to the Bandwidth Finals Night better than ever, and raring to put on the greatest show of their lives.

In the next posts, we will reveal some of the tips we picked up from our judges-- secrets of the pros that are a must-learn for all musicians. Stay tuned!

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