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Light It Up with Bands that Inspire

The website says its “Light it Up: Christian Musicians Night” last Thursday at the Conspiracy Bar along Visayas Avenue. And automatically, it conjured up an ambiance of a prayer meeting with praise songs by clean-cut bands with their hands up in the air glorifying their faith. Not our idea of spending a night to de-stress ourselves.

But as we discovered, it was a parteeeeee!!!!

Iking Tan and his inspiring music

A form of indie music finds a niche among a crowd of fun-loving, party-going, gig-hopping young set who enjoys positive message without losing the rhythm and beat that rock bands are known for.

“It’s gospel music actually. We like to feature indie bands who sing more positive songs. Songs that inspire. Songs that bring hope to the people”, said Jordan Escusa, organizer of this regular event. “We have been doing this 2001 in several bars until two years ago we decided to have it here at Conspiracy.”


So why is he doing this?

“I don’t know. Maybe I am crazy?” He smiled. “We don’t earn anything from organizing this event, oftentimes we have to shell out from our own pockets. But we feel it is important to provide this kind of music to the world today, and it is our way of supporting bands that choose to play gospel music.”

Julianne and some guests

Indeed, Conspiracy, a music bar and restaurant owned by musical luminaries such as Noel Cabangon, Bayang Barrios and Cynthia Alexander, has a different feel to it – fun, artsy but clean. The crowd is friendly, as warm as the music that the bands dished out.

Light It Up happens every second to the last Thursday of the month. For schedule, please visit

*Photo courtesy of Ida Torres

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