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Techy Romantics and Cooky Chua at the Go Gear Launch

Techy Romantics is one of the bands you SHOULD be listening to, like right now! Even though their album is still to come out (soon! soon! soon!), the hype is slowly rising. And fortunately for us, we were able to get them last June 6, 2009 at the Philips GoGear launch. Check out their myspace here, add them on Facebook, then check out their performance below

These songs have LSS written all over them

Cooky Chua is inarguably the queen of Pinoy rock. Her voice hasn't changed a bit and dare I say it, has gotten better and better as years go by. And of course, Mike Villegas is a guitar god! Check it out in the videos below

Covering Blood Sweat and Tears...

Come Together has never sounded so sexy....

Mo Twister and Grace Lee beg Cooky and Mike to sing the national anthem of farewell songs "Paglisan"

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